The Blog Awards Ireland and Made In Hollywood.


I have been nominated in the Blog Awards Ireland 2013,  So I have roughly a one in sixty five chance of getting somewhere in this Irish blogfest . Irish people have a lot to say and don’t hold back. Naturally my initial reaction was to think of tables, thinking – There’s no way that there is a special Irish Blog Awards table. Well I was proved wrong, after five minutes summoning the powers of Google I found the site of  Made In Hollywood. An Irish firm that specialise in quality polystyrene sculpting. I’m just going to quote what they said about what they do when they sent me some photos.

“… The items we create are usually CNC cut from solid blocks of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) which contains a fire retardant. The outer part of the block is used as packaging during shipping and/or storage, the packaging is fully recyclable. The foam material is lightweight and easily handled, allowing it to be positioned in a variety of ways. EPS is suitable for use in both internal and external locations and can be finished in a variety of materials to suit the application and budget.”

Anyhow they produced the above table for The Irish Blog awards in 2009 and later found some left over perspex when they were looking for new ideas. So they designed the Table table shown below and called out for ideas for other tables that could made in the same way. I’m rather fond of the Table table, as like the archiTecTs Tables logo the T & L act like table tops, and and also quite frankly, this table is sort of  ideal agitation propaganda for a table blogger.

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18. August 2013 by Susie Hemsworth
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