Hella Jongerius: Sphere Table


When I first saw this desk I thought it was a rather gadgety decoration reminiscent of Woody Allen’s film “The Sleeper”. But having had someone walk in and out of the room where I’m working all week I started to think fondly of it and I’m now rather tempted by this Hella Jongerius design with it’s bubble to keep me shielded. It was created for the Northern Delegates lounge at the United Nations in New York, and is now to be manufactured by Vitra. If I were to tweak it for myself in any way it would be to incorporate lighting, as it’s something that would most likely be eventually added. A separate lamp and it could clutter or complement the bubble, so why not control the gesture by incorporating it, with perhaps some LEDs along a part of the circular rim?


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11. May 2013 by Susie Hemsworth
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