Oskar Zeita: Koza Trestles


Oskar Zeita is famous in the design world for his inflatable metal furniture. Using the technique called FiDU, Free-Internal-Pressure (Druck)-Forming (Umformung). FiDu is the process of forming metal by blowing up super-thin sheets of metal that have been welded together. Sort of like kids metallic looking helium balloons.

One of the great advantaged of this process is that metal objects can be transported flat, then blown up somewhere else thus saving on transport and storage costs. Another great advantage is the unbelievable strength that these objects have. For instance the steel three legged plopp stool weighs 3.4kg but can carry 2 tonnes.

There are two types of trestles in the Koza, (Which means goat,) range. One where it is all one piece, and a second Koza II where it is made of two piece joined together. The second version may not look as pure, but it’s easier to pack, easier to attach a table-top to and possible to use different colours for each side of the trestle. As of yet they don’t come with a table top which is a shame as Oskar Zieta has done some fascinating research into making strong light weight metal structures. Who knows maybe right now he’s designing an aluminium table-top that can fit in a handbag and be blown up with a bicycle pump.

koza-2 koza-3 koza-4 koza-5 koza-6

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07. February 2013 by Susie Hemsworth
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