Barber & Osgerby: Tobi Ishi


Originally Barber and Osgerby wanted to make a pedestal table. But when these designers of the 2012 Olympic torch started to research one legged tables they felt that pretty much everything had been done, so for the Tobi Ishi they went for a sort of bladed, two legged approach. This basic model is in white Carerra and it also comes in black Marquina marble too.There is a very elegant hole in the tom of each blade with underlines the stone mass and also contributes the rounded square look that they design with. At Maison et 0bjet this week I also saw a new version, a red laquered MDF Tobi Ishi. There is a lot of 70’s fabulousness going on here, but in the most restrained minimalist fashion.

Tobi-Ishi-6Tobi-Ishi-2 Tobi-Ishi-3 Tobi-Ishi-4

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24. January 2013 by Susie Hemsworth
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