Paulo Rammuni: May

Paulo Rammuni originally called this table “Mãe” which means mother in Portuguese, but his partner persuaded him to change the name to May. I really love the old name as it  reflects on the hugged in cocoon feeling of the base. It is made from a series of curved birch plywood panels, which pierce through the painted birch table top.

I find it’s appearance calming, the base of a series of four legs act as one screen, so that the visual business of chairs, legs and floor is calmed. It may be one big object, but it doesn’t feel weighty or massive, relieved by it’s light wood gently broken up and flowing. I know that my five year old son would just love to crawl in and hide underneath it, snuggling into it’s warm wooden corners. I’m actually starting to think that I should bring him along with me to give tables the under the table kids test for all dining tables.

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12. November 2012 by Susie Hemsworth
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